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pencil fidgets- interesting!

Lemon Lime Adventuresfrom Lemon Lime Adventures

Sensory Hacks to Focus a Fidgety Child

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Sensory Hacks for Fidgety Child | Simple solutions that I am going to try today! Such great ideas for the classroom and home!

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Fidget Rings - what a great ADHD aid!

Diy Weighted

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make a weighted pencil

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Did you know that placing a red dot in the middle of words can help children see the whole word? Try it for students who just look at the beginning of words and then guess.

Fidget Clubfrom Fidget Club

Zipper Bracelets

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Functional Zippers

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Fidgets Zipper Bracelets I think these would suit those older children who might be self conscious if given a 'toy'

Dice Flying

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Prohibits roll away dice. Seriously, why didn't I think of this? Now I won't have the kids throwing the dice all over the room!

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Sensory bottle idea: Cut up pipe-cleaners and place them in a bottle. Use a magnet to manipulate them.

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Fair Poster

This is something that is so hard for my students to understand... such a good sign!

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Sparkle Visual

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A Special Sparkle: Visual Solutions For Staying in Your Space. This would be excellent for a child with ADD/ADHD, autism, etc.... in a classroom setting.

Top 10 Home Remediesfrom Top 10 Home Remedies

10 Amazing Yoga Poses for Your Kids to Keep Them Fit and Healthy

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Easy Crafts For Kids Summer

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10 Easy To-Do Yoga Poses for Kids

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seating that allows for movement, pic only

Critters Sit

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Quiet Critters sit on desks of students who are working quietly, but they disappear at the first sign of noise. Love this idea!

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The Sid Shuffle - Ice Age: Continental Drift - get your kids up and moving


At a Glance: Classroom Accommodations for ADHD

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Examples of accommodations that can be used in the classroom to help kids with ADHD

The Inspired Treehousefrom The Inspired Treehouse

What are Fidget Toys

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Toys Allow

4 great fidget toys for kids - necessary for stress release and staying focused

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All 24 crayons will fit in a soap box.

Parenting Worry

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Worry Warriors : Help Kids Cope with Anxiety - great list of crafts and hands-on activities along with some helpful book suggestions!

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Classroom Setup

this website gives you ideas for classroom set-up. Click on how many students are in your class and it will give you different layouts for desks

Evernote It'S

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Get your classroom organized with Evernote - it's been a lifesaver for me as a teacher!

Pencil Correctly

Correct Pencil

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Fuzzy Ball

Pencil Grasp

"Fuzzy Ball Fix" for correcting pencil grasp.