"Without struggle there is no progress"

Trust your struggle .... it makes your story unique

`infinity tattoo

that's a tattoo idea!

"To remind me that this is my life, and my story. When I look at this, I remember that I am strong, and that I, not those around me, am responsible for my own happiness. And by that same token, no one can bring me down. I’ve got this; I don’t need to be saved."

never thought of putting a tattoo on the lower part of my side

Humming Bird Tattoo

side boob tattoo. hawt. want. Totally getting this with my wedding date when I get married..

So beautiful. The infinity sign is my absolute favorite.

Sister Tattoo

"Curiosity often leads to trouble." Alice in Wonderland.

I want something very similar to this, only with the quote, "All good things are wild and free"

my mom's and my motto. i wish we could get matching tattoos. but that'll never happen. still love this though!

Someday, my sisters and I are going to get our last names tattooed on us. This was the spot I was thinking of getting mine (probably more towards the back though).

Big Arm Quote Tattoos for Girls - Enchanting Arm Quote Tattoos for Girls

Love it. M'aimer pour qui je suis.... Love me for who I am.