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The mind is note a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited. -Plutarch

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or self-confidence

This explains the burnt out feeling at the end of the semester ; ) heehee... all kidding aside though, it does symbolize how you can never get to a point where you are full... the fire can always continue to grow and burn....

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What every teacher and student should keep in mind

The best love is one that makes you better without changing you into someone other than yourself. Top 10 Best Inspiring Quotes About Change

Inspire an outlook, a disposition, curiosity, with education :)

Either something is the way you want it to be now or its not. Hanging on and hoping it will change into what you want is trying to change someone.Thats not love. I'm actively choosing to swim like hell for my destination, meet my truth face to face, and not drown.