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Elephant Communication by It's been known for some time that elephants communicate via extremely low pitched vocalizations known as infrasounds, over distances of miles. The mechanism of sound production has been unknown. Scientists have now been able to reproduce these sounds by manipulating the folds of a cadaver elephant's larynx into a vocal ready, relatively static position and blowing streams of warm, humid air over it. #Elephants #Communication #Infrasounds…

The Dodofrom The Dodo

Elephant Loses Leg In Explosion, Triumphantly Walks Again With Prosthetic

This is Mosha, an elephant who lost her leg in a land mine explosion. Her rescuers have given her a prosthetic leg, and she is now thriving. :)

Hug! - Baby elephant Jamuna Toni cuddles with a zookeeper at Munich's Hellabrunn Zoo by Michael Dalder/Reuters, #Elephant #Hellabrunn_Zoo #Michael_Dalder #time_com