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I would never get a tattoo like this, but that's some awesome artistry right there!

awesome. I don't want this tattoo but it's so cool

Traditional Tattoo. Probably wouldn't ever get something this gory tattooed on me but this is still pretty freakin awesome.

tattoo oldschool lighthouse, ship, compass and rose. You have to have the right "look" for leg tats as a guy

i reeealllyy want an anchor/ship tattoo.

that's pretty cool, but maybe make sure all the words are spelled correctly ;)

By Alice Kendall. I have a thing for black and gray but this use of color is amazing

wow. Love that her hair becomes tentacles...or do the tentacles become her hair? Dreams are made winding through her hair.....

traditional tattoo anchor and rose. I like this idea with a cancer awareness ribbon instead of the love banner (in the same position though).