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'Wheel Of Fortune' Genius Solves Puzzle With One Letter

"Veronica Mars" Want to know what all the recent fuss is about? (Look how young Kristen Bell looks!) "Veronica Mars" follows the young student as she goes from high school to college, moonlighting as a private detective under her policeman father's tutelage.

Friday Night Lights

Not only does Friday Night Lights have characters that are as relatable as Veronica Mars', it also has those strong family themes. Veronica's relationship with her father is one of our favorite things about the show, and if it's one of yours too, the emotional FNL is the right pick. Watch it now.

Hey Marshmallows! Join the Race to the Box Office & discover new content from the Veronica Mars movie every day. Share badges with friends & unlock exclusive rewards. Veronica Mars – In Theaters March 14.

Community Post: Are You More Logan Or Duncan From "Veronica Mars?"

I got Logan Echolls! Are You More Logan Or Duncan From "Veronica Mars?" Snarky, courageous, and smarter than you know, you’re more like Logan Echolls. You’re a tragic hero, like the Phantom of the Opera or Romeo Montague, and although you might seem like a psychotic jackass, you have a damn good heart.

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