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  • Jennifer Cross

    Inspirational Pinterest Motivational Quotes | Pinterest Fitness Inspiration Quotes: Real or Fake? | alignyo

  • Alice Wright

    Skinny girls, fit girls.. Get fit not skinny.. :) #fitness

  • Megan Jane

    So true! workout motivational quotes | exercise-motivation-quotes-weight-loss-work-out-lose-weight-20.jpg

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this made me laugh out loud ... cause pretty much, that's what i'm saying in my head while i'm running .... it's ok if you suck ... at least you're trying ...

All failing reasons: - "But I can't afford to go to the gym." - "It's too cold/rainy/hot outside." - "I don't have any equipment." - "It's intimidating to strength-train." - "I never know what to do."

  • Emma Hawksworth

    Thism is good

  • Denise Ferreira

    Great reminder! Added to my Quick Routine board for the weeks I only take a 30 min lunch break.

  • Heather Felder

    Going to add these into my workout today for a little variety! I'm in a fun fitness group on Facebook. Everyone is really supportive and encouraging! There are daily motivational posts and sometimes weekly workout and/or healthy eating "challenges". We'd love to have you join us (it's completely free). If you're interested, just send me a friend request (link on my Pinterest bio). Good luck in your fitness journey, regardless of if you want to join or not! :)

thinspo-ration: healthydreams: good posture helps burn calories and strengthens your back muscles! And it also helps yo not get a bad spine when you get older, and helps to not get a hunch back or any other spinal problems (those can look/get really ugly, and itll hurt) Do these little things now, so you can even look good when your older too :D

Bob's Rules....not sure who "Bob" is, but apparently these are his rules LOL! They make a lot of sense, though, so I guess we should all listen to this Bob dude

Because I'm only worth my body, ammirite? No guy wants something that isn't perfect. Of course.

Pretty darn simple. Eating right is the hardest for me. I don't mind working hard. But it's hard to pass up a chocolate cake!

Sounds like a great cardio workout. Only one I'm not sure of is Mountain Climber, but I will figure it out.

  • Jinjer

    Not sure if this is the best explanation, but a mountain climber is similar to running in a plank position. Basically in a full arm plank and raise one knee toward chest and quickly switch legs back and forth for set time or set.

One meal doesn't make or break your diet - it is consistency....but it still feels like it does :/

Metabolism - INCREASE IT

Good to remember. Lbs and Calories. Great way to determine how much you should burn each week.

Nice ideas to keep in mind. A slip up isn't a disaster. Back on track.

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