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  • Kelley Petrie

    I Always wanted a barbie doll house!!!!

  • Kate

    #Barbie 90s Barbie Dream house with elevator!

  • Samantha Ryan

    This was the Barbie dream house that came out at the same time as the boat I wanted and my best friend who loved playing with barbies just as much as I did got this for Xmas that year to so we had the dream boat and house that year haha

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Barbie Victorian Dream House by Mattel, 1995

Barbie Hollywood Hair. Between my sister and myself we had an entire town with every store possible so many cars and I think just about every barbie... Spoiled!!!! Brittany!!!!!! ♥

I remember when this barbie came out in the 90's! She was one of my favorites.

90s Barbie didn't this Barbie come with something for you, like it dyed your hair?

totally hair barbie..I loved braiding her hair. then, when I just about grew out of barbies, I cut it all off!

My friend had one of these!! It folded up into a suitcase that you could carry!! I miss these days! :/

OMG I loved her! Me & my best friend had this exact Barbie, mine was called Erin and hers was Jonna :D

'90s Barbie -- Definitely had her, and I believe she was missing and earring, had matted hair, and was dirty from playing in the sandbox. :)

Pocahontas 90s barbie! I begged and begged for this doll when I was 9! Its all I wanted for Christmas. I was so happy when I got her.

Barbie Cut and Style. I remember getting this for my birthday when i had the mushroom cut hairstyle. I was very disappointed when i cut barbies hair to match mine that it didnt magically go back to the way it was