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    Barbie 90s Barbie Dream house with elevator

    Barbie Dream House Victorian Style With Working Elevator I HAD THIS WHEN I WAS LITTLE!!!

    Barbie Glitter Beach. Every 80s Barbie has a ton of blue eyeshadow on!! Jus' saying. Had this Barbie. :)

    late 90s barbie furniture sets - Pretty sure I had this..

    Lunchables before they were all faux healthy. #90s.

    kindofacornflakegirl: I had this too. Her eyes close with warm water and she has a soft body. formyinnerchild: Bed Time Barbie

    Omg 90s childhood. Before toy companies cared if you could choke on the small pieces bc they were SO DAMN AWESOME.

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    Do you know what this is and how to use it if so your a 90s kid :)

    lisa frank!! #90s

    Had tons of these

    Children of the 90s: 90s Hair Trends

    The 90s Toy Technology Revolution -

    90s Kid!

    the exact Barbie Dream House i had as a kid. still to this day the BEST christmas present ever!

    toys from the 90s | 90s snap braclets 1990s 90s toys 90s fashion

    late 90s barbie furniture sets - Google Search

    90s kid!

    You know you're from the 90s when...

    . #90s

    And you could fit everything you needed and more in your Caboodle with ease. | The 20 Most Essential Items In Your '90s Beauty Kit