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A Leicester Longwool sheep. If coated and allowed to grow, the sheep will produce a coat with a 12" staple length that has a silk like sheen to it when spun. These are the sheep that made landowners in the middle ages wealthy. Very rare in the USA.

Herdwick sheep in Buttermere, the Lake District's native breed.

Breeds of Livestock Project - Shetland Sheep (information)

Oxford sheep (also known as Oxford Down) is an English breed developed in the 1830s by crossing the Cotswold with a forerunner of the Hampshire, and using the resulting cross-breeds to form the basis of the present-day breed. This breed is primarily raised for meat.

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Little Bo Peep bride marries in stunning dress made of wool from her own flock of sheep

Louise Fairburn, who is an award-winning sheep breeder, decided to get married in a fleece from her own flock. She designed the gown and took wool from her favourite rare Lincoln Longwool, Olivia.