wonderous-world: Above and Beyond by Daniel Parent

Autumn Raccoon...

Stranger In Town ~ Whitetail deer painting by Jerry Gadamus ~ Walk gently upon our Earth Mother, Gaia, keeping in mind that She is forever receiving Her dead and giving birth...

♂ Wildlife photography deer sunset silhouette "King of the hill" by Dudley Thorburn


The king penguin is the second largest species of penguin at 70 to 100 cm tall and weighs 11 to 16 kg. In size it is second only to the emperor penguin. There are two subspecies—A. p. patagonicus and A. p. halli; patagonicus is found in the South Atlantic and halli elsewhere.

Druids Trees: #Deer.


early morning

Oh...this is sweet.

Three red deer stags with remarkable antlers

A big buck/stag/hart/deer rack… aka: antlers. #deer #wild #animal #nature #photo



GREATER KUDU: has a wide range of habitat, but human encroachment, loss of habitat, and hunting for its horns and meat has begun to diminish kudu numbers. Greater kudu are one of the tallest species of antelope, with adults standing at 90-110cm at the shoulder.

Seven-colored Tanager


Artist Don Kloetzke Unframed Whitetail Deer Print The Buck Stops Here | WildlifePrints.com

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