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Epic mullet (fail) ~ what in the hell is THAT?!

How I feel without mascara - LOL!

epic mullet

Oh hell no!!!!

Ha ha epicly why?

No One Wants Poop On Their Hands… Clean Up Any Mess With Shittens™ What Are Shittens™? We're glad you asked! Shittens are the revolutionary new way to wipe up and clean up feces while protecting your hands. Each package of Shittens contains 20 disposable mitten-shaped moist wipes. That means whether you’re cleaning up after your baby, your dog or your slowly deteriorating mother-in-law, Shittens are the best way to clean up the mess without actually getting your hands dirty.



Mullet Perm


Nothing says mullet like a mullet!!


Mullets...a game the whole family can play.

Bowl cut mullet

florida: america's mullet

Mullet 'Merica.

Bowl cut + mullet = ...bullet?



Business in the front so much party in the back - The Meta Picture