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2013 Crop Chocolate Stripes-Tomato Seeds One of the Top 3 tomatoes. Large, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield a plentiful crop of 3-4 inch, mahogany colored with dark, olive green-striping. Fruits have delicious, complex, rich, sweet, earthy tomato flavors. Chocolate Stripe, another desirable 'black tomato," is an excellent tomato and a fine choice for your tomato garden. Produces well into the autumn A great sandwich tomato and salad tomato.

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Organic Black Beauty Eggplant Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

&&&...Organic Black Beauty Eggplant Heirloom Vegetable by nimblenitecap, $2.15

2013 Crop Black - Heirloom Tomato Seeds This is a beautiful, dark mahogany-brown Russian heirloom tomato. Our Tomatofest seeds produce large, bushy plants that yield abundant crops of large tomatoes with green shoulders that average 1 pound. This is one of the best tasting black tomatoes with sweet balanced and complex flavors.

Broad Ripple Yellow Currant-Tomato Seeds Days: 78 Size: Indeterminate. Color: Cherry Season: Mid-Season Type: Open Pollinated Produce big, indeterminate , regular leaf, tomato plants that yield hundreds of of the cutest, very small, 1/2-inch small, almost translucent yellow cherry tomatoes borne in trusses of 6-8 tomatoes. These are very low-acid tomatoes that are deliciously sweet; great container tomato for growing on your patio or rooftop garden, cold weather plant produces well until…

The ‘Indigo Rose’ is a new, strangely-colored variety of tomato. The fruit is jet black on the outside and juicy purple-red on the inside. These colors might not sound very appealing, but black tomatoes are supposed to be very tasty, and most importantly, rich in antioxidants. Indigo Rose is a cross-breed between red and purple tomatoes, and is the latest ‘superfood’ to hit the market.