I love that this is an animal shaped sandwich without having to waste the outer rim because of a cookie cutter!! Fantastic use of veggies for the kiddos.

cupcake owl!

How To Make Sandwich Spirals/Sushi--BentOn Better Lunches (great source of ideas for creative lunches for kids of all ages)


Easy Bunny Sandwich for an Easter lunch! - There is no link as this was uploaded by user but it looks fairly easy to duplicate with a heart shaped cookie cutter for the bread, cheese for the ears and teeth, and carrot whiskers. I'd probably use dried fruit for the eyes and nose.

Flip flop sandwiches adorned with tomato or carrot slices, plus green onion or green pepper strips for straps.


Angry Birds Sandwiches

love these fun food ideas

Peanut butter, jelly, & banana wrap! I think this will make the kiddos happy!

kids' lunch :)

Mater Sandwich! Cute!

Kid Sandwiches

bento owl

Fruit Owl

Les avaler serait trop cruel...

Cute and Yummy dog sandwiches

sandwich kabob

how fun!!

Easy birdhouse snack

Palm tree!