Swallow’s Nest Castle, Crimea, Ukraine

Swallow's Nest castle, Crimea, Ukraine

Neuschwanstein Castle ~ Bavaria, Germany ☛ http://www.neuschwanstein.de/englisch/palace/index.htm

Island Castle

Autumn in Segovia Castle, Spain

Borgund Church, Norway.

Spiral Castles

Castle in Idaho.

Castle Coch, Wales.

Oliver Gal 'Map of Italy 1873' Wall Art http://rstyle.me/n/i2svzr9te

Ravenloft Castle, Upstate New York.

Castle Swallow's Nest, Southern Ukraine


Castle House Island, Dublin. Is this for real?..

Swallow’s Nest, Ukraine

Peles castle, Romania.

Ponferrada Castle, Galicia, Spain

Castle Tower Home, Scotland. (Unable to find photog info)

Bishop's Castle. In the San Isabel forest in Colorado.