Explore Pom Poms, Dry Erase Markers, and more!

student white boards- hot glue a pom pom on a wipe off marker and you have an eraser.  Wow so simple!

Glue a pom pom ball to the top of students' dry erase markers for an instant eraser! (dollar store multi pack colors of pom poms match pack of Dry Erase colors)

Trying to figure out how to dress for your school's Halloween or fall  celebration? How about one of these storybook themed costumes? They're sure  to be a hit with your students!  The Mother Bird from P.D. Eastman's Are You My Mother?  Make bird wings out of brown felt (you can find some fun instructions here ). Then tie a red handkerchief (with white polka dots if possible) on your  head. Now you're the mother bird in PD Eastman's "Are You My Mother?"  The Coconut Tree from Bill Martin Jr…

21 Costume Ideas for Teachers

27 Halloween Costumes For Elementary School Teachers. This would be adorable for kids to dress up as their favorite book character. Great idea for a Halloween night at the library.

use this sanitizer trick in your classroom for child-size squirts every time!

Could work for the soap disA Turn to Learn: Sanitizer Trick for Child-Size Squirts. use this sanitizer trick in your classroom for child-size squirts every time!

Paint the sides of the sticks 2 different colors so you can instantly see who has been called on. No more piles of sticks next to the can!

Paint sticks 2 different colors. When you call on a student flip their stick so you know who you hvae called on. Lucky ducks label is cute too. From Kindertastic.

Use Febreeze to clean a dry erase board.  Spray the board and wipe.

How to Restore a Dry-Erase Board

Ways to clean dry erase boards. You can use Febreeze to clean a dry erase board that just won't erase (because the ink is very dried on) . Spray the board and wipe, it also helps "recondition" old dry erase boards.

ribbon bookmarks glued into back of notebook... Do this to agenda next year

Glue ribbon to back cover of notebook to use as a bookmark in journals. - Great idea to help the kids stay on the correct page in their journals!I kind of want to do math or science journals next year!

Classroom Management/ Reward Idea - pick a stick and class doesn't know who that person is until the end of the day. If that person behaved in line, listened and followed directions in class with few warnings, they get a reward. If the mystery person doesn't behave their name goes back into the container.

LOVE THIS IDEA: I picked a stick and they never knew who that person was until the end of the day. If that person behaved then their name went up on the wall of fame.if the mystery person did not behave their name went back in, it was never revealed.

Hmmm... must check out...For all my teacher friends out there! Pinterest for Teachers. Printables and more. Pin now, read later.

Took a quick look- printables and more. Pin now, read later. Not a teacher but someone out there could get use out of this.

Procedural Handbook.pdf

Pinner said "Caffeinated Conclusions: Management Monday: Teaching Procedures! WoW this lady has everything!

Put names on mailboxes with binder clips! Way better than peeling labels at the end of the year.

Teaching With Love and Laughter: Monday Made It! Put names on mailboxes with binder clips! So easy to rearrange and redo when kids move/come in the middle of the year! I wish I would have done this! Maybe next year