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1Stack - Haunting Post-Mortem Photos From The 1800s

memento mori victorian. These men,Clell Miller and Bill Chadwell, were with the James Younger gang in Northfield, MN. These two were killed, the Youngers badly wounded and the James boys made a clean escape.

Amazing photo of child and mother. Looks as though they could be in mourning, second stage, but it is rare to see children all in black.

  • Lynda

    Actually, it's possible it was a boy. since boys were dressed in dresses and curls for the first several years of life. (And I saw somewhere that girls almost always had a bow at or near the neck.)

  • Lisanne Bond

    Is a girl, not a MM... Dead can't stand..

  • Ann Teodorczy

    The empty chair represents the loss of the husband/father.

  • Melinda Benedict

    This child is standing unnaturally and only on one foot. She could still be in rigor mortis.

  • Marti West

    The posing stand was never meant for the dead. It was meant for the living to help them stay still and on mark for the photo session. There was not a stand on earth that could have supported the weight of a dead, limp body, much less make them look "alive". Anything else is a myth. If they're standing, they're alive, always! Neither the photographer nor embalmer were wizards.

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Top left: The Torre Abbey Jewel 1540-50, Top right : Toothpick about 1620, Bottom : Ring 1550-1600, inscribed "Be Hold The Ende" and "Rather Death Than Fals Fayth"

This is particularly creepy for me memento-mori-victorian-death-photos

  • Dee Plevelich

    I believe this is a true post mortem photo. The baby is surrounded by flowers, Morning Glories? Most children taken post mortem were surround by flowers, Morning Glories especially were used.

"Sleeping Beauty" Post-mortem photograph. 1870 carte de visite of a young girl, posed as if sleeping.

Poor little ravaged angel. Are these older sisters? Aunts? A Mother?

Memento Mori - both ladies are deceased

  • Lisanne Bond

    Momento moris are not myths, however..

  • Meso Clare

    Yes of course, I was referring to only standing momento mori's.

  • Lisanne Bond

    Ahh. Gotcha! The one on the left reminds me of Holly Hobby.. Not sure how old you are, if you know about her :)

  • Anchor Bird

    The stands were because of long exposure time. They are not dead. The purpose of memento mori was to remember a deceased person - why would they do this instead?

  • Susan Cantrell

    These are two school girls. You can tell by the length of their dresses and they are very much alive. Stands could not support the weight of a corpse and they could never make them look this good.

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Eva in patterned dress tin type, beautiful girl.