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Boxer Puppy

Boxer - Energetic and Funny


Happiness is a wagging Boxer tail when you come home. This face ♡

A family of Boxers

Boxers - a good friend of mine had a beautiful boxer which sadly got taken by baiters

Top 10 Dog Breeds, love these boxers :)

Rocket Boxer Puppies - Week 8 aww makes me want another one. Looks like our two we have a fawn named Sugar and a brindle named Daisy!

Wiggle Butts Club Men's Dark Tank Top

Wiggle Butts Club Women's Tank Top

Wiggle Butts Club - Boxer Dogs of the World.my Sadie was definately a wiggle butt, sure do miss the old girl

Tyson the Boxer "Christmas"

Tyson the Boxer "Christmas"