Use pastels instead of chalk. 1. Dampen a section of clean hair, 2. Coat section with pastel, 3. Seal the color temporarily by drying with a hair dryer or using a flat iron, 4. Set the color with hair spray, 5. Style as usual.

brunette balayage highlights

24 Colors/set Hair Chalk

pastel purple and green hair color


Hair Chalk: The Best Thing Since Temporary Dye | lovelyish

Rainbow hair using hair chalk

really want to do this color but it probably wont look good on me

Hair color Hair color Hair color products-i-love

Great Hair color!!

Hair color

I want some purple in my hair now!!

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Have you heard about the latest trend in #hair #color ? Hair chalk. It even works on dark hair! No need to commit or damage your hair because it simply washes out!

love the color.


Beautiful purple hair.

Hair chalking