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20 Argumente für Google+ [Infografik

Soll ich, oder mein Unternehmen Google+ verwenden? Viele Nutzer und Marketingabteilungen werden sich diese Frage stellen und um die Entscheidung etwas zu erleichtern, hat infographic Labs eine Infografik erstellt, die 20 Argumente für dein Einsatz von Google+ aufzeigt. Wir stimmen … Weiterlesen →
  • Luis Alberto Fernández

    20 Reasons to Switch to Google+ #infographic #socialmedia #in

  • Timo Kantola

    20 reasons why Google Plus is a must [Infographic] | Soshable | Social Media Blog

  • Alan Mihelchic

    20 Reasons to Switch to Google Plus Published on April 18, 2012 by Neil ~ Google Plus’ 100 million users may pale considerably in comparison to Facebook’s 800 million (!) but, as is illustrated by this infographic design by Infographic Labs, there are plenty of reasons to check out what could be the next big thing in social networking.

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Stop Treating Google+ Like FaceBook - 20 Reasons To Switch To Google+ [Infographic] - Richard Darell is the founder and CEO of Bit Rebels, a multifaceted online news outlet that reports daily on the latest developments in technology, social media, design and everything geek. Today this media entity welcomes more than 2.5 million unique visitors per month and is considered the go to place for people in constant motion.

Google+ tiene 100 millones de usuarios, pero puede palidecer bastante en comparación con los 800 millones (!) de Facebook, pero, como es ilustrado en este diseño de infografía por Infographic Labs, hay muchos motivos para comprobar lo que podría ser la siguiente cosa grande en la gestión de las redes sociales. La razón más irresistible sería para aquellos que usan otros productos de Google para tener servicios sin fisuras. Esta infografía anterior sobre Google perfiló el desarrollo de la comp

20 Reasons to Switch to Google+

Love it or hate it, or well, ignore it, but Google+ seems to be an important part of Google’s strategy to connect with the web.  The service has caught some traction with its Hangouts feature, but other than that there seems to be a few reports that attempt to explain that Google+ is as sparsely attended as a hockey game in Texas ツ Cheers, Jakolien @ www.boostingyourb...

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Google Plus is Here to Stay Google is pouring money into Google Plus and Google Plus Local and tying it to their search engine results. This is the year of Google Plus!