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17 Confessions That Prove Being A Teenager Isn't Always Easy

"I feel like I have to be an adult to be taken seriously." As told by Whisper confessions...


Today is the day

story of my life


How I feel every morning…

How I Feel Waking Up But I Just Got Up #Funny-Pics

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19 Problems Only People With Straight Hair Will Understand

Lazy that's me!

Ohhh this is so true, at least for me! Ugh I really hope things between us hasn't changed that much… I still care a ton about you! But if God's plans have changed, who am I to stand in the way of His plans for us? Well I've been praying a lot and thinking which reminds me I need to tell you something on Wednesday. But yes the power of prayer can do amazing things :) God is good and He will probide- ALWAYS! I pray for peace and strength over you at this time in your life! Goodnight and God bless!

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Lazy life…

Lazy life… OMG that is so bad!!!!