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Hmmm.... Eleven remembers Rose--this video makes an excellent point. Just because he's talking about Rory, and doesn't say her name, doesn't mean he's not thinking of her--hence his face at the end. For those who think he's forgotten her--he's just moving on, because he has to.

12 Dr. Who days of christmas


Dr. Who paradox…

Doctor Who paradox…<--- I'd say the angel moves closer because when the Silence looks at the angel it's still stone and stone can't forget. Just my opinion.

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your family life is conplicated? im sure. LOL this is hilarious but like rory is the bomb bc 2,000 years ppl

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I Am Stormageddon | Baby One Piece

Oh, future baby. You're going to be so nerdy. #DoctorWho

Tangled + Doctor Who crossovers are cool but correct me if I am wrong? The power comes from Rapunzel's hair/last of her wouldn't that make her the Time Lord?

“Eccleston was a tiger and Tennant was, well, Tigger. Smith is an uncoordinated housecat who pretends that he meant to do that after falling off a piece of furniture.” — Steven Moffat