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ryan halliwill

love the photography of margaux roy

Because sometimes... bejewelled pineapples need to happen.

clint colbert photography \\\\\ via sf girl by bay

In this beautiful photographic series of conceptual portraits artist, Marie Hudelot explored the symbolic attributes shared between east and west family legacy, specifically between France and Alge...

Photography by Laurence Demaison Could represent MENTAL flaws/DESTRUCTION of facial flaws

\*ωє åɾє ωιℓđ, ωє åɾє ℓιкє уσυиg νσℓçåиσєѕ*/

Photo-sculpture : Brno Del Zou. Reminds me of David Hockney's joiners. I love how this is a man broken up. I mean it's like there was a picture of him and it had been neatly tore. Or you could say for each important aspect of the man, it is being to stand out from the other parts. Like for example I like how the eye is on top because the eye brings out what you couldn't see in the outside of the person.

double exposure.

Monika Brand

+ baby blue #pink #colors

pineapple print

125 likes and I will pie myself in the face! Tagging allowed ._. It's the equivalent to the ice bucket challenge for a disease ny mom has my grandma died from and I might have.

I really like the lighting used in this image. Its also only showing his face which means the photography really wanted the viewer to concentrate on the subjects expression.

city girl.

Christopher McKenney’s Surreal Photographs Are Disturbingly Beautiful


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