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ryan halliwill

Because sometimes... bejewelled pineapples need to happen.

@gingercat200 pineapple

put a pineapple on it // sf girl by bay // clint colbert photography

#Wolfactory Grey A vanishing portrait by Annemarieke van Drimmelen and Anouk Griffioen

Marie Hudelot Heritage portraits

Max Eremine Photography #shadow #portrait #photography

Photography by Laurence Demaison Could represent MENTAL flaws/DESTRUCTION of facial flaws

Ear. S)

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Glamorous Nature Editorials - Tropicana Water Presents a Sultry Look (GALLERY)

The idea of simplicity

You are in tangles. The web that you've woven has become too tight. You're trapped. Bounded together, yet trying to hold on strong. You are very much compacted. Stuck. Unable to move and change position. Lie after lie. It's tense. This spider has spun it's last web and you are now constricted. The poison seeps in.

Monika Brand

125 likes and I will pie myself in the face! Tagging allowed ._. It's the equivalent to the ice bucket challenge for a disease ny mom has my grandma died from and I might have.

I really like the lighting used in this image. Its also only showing his face which means the photography really wanted the viewer to concentrate on the subjects expression.

Creepy Portrait Photography by Manuel Estheim