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How to Make Lye Free Soap

How to Make Lye Free Soap | Homemade Soaps and Soap Recipes | Tutorials | Pioneer Settler | Soap Recipes without Lye, Natural Soap Tutorials and Ideas at

Glass Beaded Garden Art on Mesquite

Glass Beaded Garden Art on Mesquite- idea for my bead making friends for the not quite perfect ones?

Milk Soapmaking and Other Homemade Soap Recipes

How to Make Natural Soap Series - Part 1: Learn about the ingredients you can use to make natural soap. Plus links to parts 2-4 which detail soapmaking equipment, formulating recipes, and the soapmaking process! #soap

Orange Honey Lotion Bars

Orange honey lotion bars- 1.5T honey, 2oz beeswax, 2oz shea butter, 2oz coconut oil, 1T olive oil, 6 drops sweet orange EO