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well its true...

Pain makes you stronger. Years make you braver. A broken heart makes you wiser. And alcohol makes you not remember any of that crap. So drink on and be merry!

Unfortunately true...

Been there…

welcome to Egypt. discovered boyfriend was cheating. HAD a 3 year affair with his brother. Confession Bear meme - Cast your vote, share, discuss and browse similar memes


Proud of being weird…

Fucking proud of being weird. You basic bitches cannot compete. HAHAHAH MY LIFE MOTTO! excuse the language but this is great!


Sorry I Can't Go To Work Tomorrow I Fractured My Motivation funny quotes quote jokes work lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings humor

Getting too tight...  damn you thanksgiving and your wonderful food...

It's all fun & games till. your jeans don't fit anymore. The fun & games ended 2 days ago 😳!

I should really let my inner bitch out more often. 'Cause holy hell, does she get shit done.

A Mom's vacation - shopping alone!!

This is totally me, target without kids is like my mini vacation


Bitch please, I'm so freaking fabulous I pee glitter, shit cupcakes and fart rainbows.

Such a simple name, yet my name still gets spelled WRONG!

Oh my goodness. I'd be rich if I had a dollar every time my name was spelled wrong!