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I met a Danish girl with almost this exact same haircut, and it looked AMAZING. One day I will try it on myself!

Not a BANGS Fan but this is BITCHIN; The Sidecut/undercut and fringe. Accented with Piercings. Displayed in a Black and white portrait.

Thinking of doing something different with my shave, the side shave is starting to grow out.

There is no wrong way to rock a short pixie if you have the guts to go short and sport it with confidence, more power to you because it takes a lot for a women to hit the salon and shed off some length. This avant garde haircut looks absolutely stunning and so futuristic. The way the stylist cut the bangs extremely short leaving the sides longer and even more length towards the back really gives this haircut such a cool urban and semi anime vibe which we see quite often in Japanese cultures.

"that hair" - on the fence about regrowing mine. I have these bangs but the rest is chin-length. receive lots of admiration honestly but I think girls always miss long hair while they're short... hmmm