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i was always jealous of my cousins rainbow bright doll, brings back the memories :)

Rainbow Brite. Oh the memories!/Pinner. ~ Sold some kept one perfect one for me.

Rainbow Brite was a big deal to little girls in the 80s

My oldest daughter, Jennifer, had the rainbow bright doll in the red and blue outfit. She called it her "babyfriend". I'm not quite sure where it ended up.

Rainbow Brite :) can't forget Murky and Lurky who always tried to take the color out of everything! Rainbow and her pal twink were my favorite cartoon characters!

Rainbow Brite; perhaps the greatest sole influence on the person I turned out to be. Meanwhile, I used to have a full set of these dolls that went in a rainbow shaped suitcase. My mother gave them away and I don't really think I'll ever forgive her.

My Favorite as a kid - Rainbow Brite