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Mak Pirog (Poppy Seed Strudel) - Filled with a moist, sweet poppy seed paste, this rustic yeast-dough roulade is a comfort food eaten throughout Eastern and Central Europe.

Recipe Clipping For Kolachi-My dad used to make fruit Kolachis for us.

Lángos, Hungarian Street Food. A dish you are likely to learn at a COOKING CLASS from Viator. Find out more at: Hungarian Food #Travel Hungary #Cooking Classes Hungary

Ribboned Carnival Donuts, traditional Hungarian festive treat, serve with homemade apricot jam and powdered sugar - Farsangi fánk - Ungarische Krapfen

My family and I have a new found love for cabbage. Going to make this stuffed cabbage.

Finally! Been looking for this recipe for a long time .... its almost the same as my mothers: fruit filled steamed dumpling covered in vanilla sauce

Bryndzová nátierka (sheep cheese spead) - traditional spread in our family :)

from "Traditional Czech Cuisine" in 1880 called "softer buns

Parenica, Ostiepok - Slovak favorite sheep cheeses - the best smoked cheese!!!

Strapačky (Slovak dumpling with sauerkraut and bacon), need to figure out how to make the "halusky" gluten free