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  • Jessica Hemingway

    DIY Inspiration - Shadow Forest Chandelier,awesome never would have thought of that! My son would luv this. Maybe I can figure out a way to use this idea as a lamp for his night light

  • Allyson Hutchison

    Old forest lamp - This is gorgeous, the shadows give the room a gothic feel.

  • Kai Sunderland

    This light fixture casts the shadows of a forest onto your walls.

  • Kara Palmore

    The World's Most Wonderful Man In The Universe found this beautiful idea! :) DIY Inspiration - Shadow Forest Chandelier, if you didin't have the chandelier - you just paint the walls with very faint shadows of tree branches, and maybe add a few animal shadows too, or let you imagination go wild and put whatever you want in your forest.

  • SAS

    Love this for the bedroom, a spare room, possibly. Light Sculpture Produces Forest of Wild Tree Shadows - My Modern Metropolis

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Collaboration between the artists Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz has produced this wonderful light sculpture that likens a ball of tree branches. The light source in the center illuminates the ball and casts a forest of trees onto the floor, walls, and ceiling.

Is this even outdoor? Isn't that a kitchen that overlooks this "courtyard"?

I love a fabulous looking space no matter the size - if I could decorate and live in a space this small I would be to the moon! ar

Lamp casts shadows of intricate forest branches

so this isn't always flooring. And we can do more than flooring too. Including cool ceilings like this!

Concept for Idaho deck since it rains almost all year but keep sun and view