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    8/29/08 - Melissa the Scarf! (Stockinette Edge Treatments)

    Another knitter/etsy seller has named a series of scarves after me! How cool is that! How it happened: we are both in etsyFAST (Fiber Arts Street Team), a group of sellers who support and challe...
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    Twisted Yarn Over- a very nice increase stitch

    Fisherman's Rib - with tutorial for knitting and purling into the stitch below..

    Yarnsub blog post: Ugly SSK decreases, pretty Slip-Twist_Turn decreases.

    #Knitting/Crochet_Stitches - "This decoration for knitted projects looks like #Latvian_Knitting, but is really just crocheted slip stitches made into a knitted foundation. It's really easy to do and is a very effective way to add design interest to your knitting." Enjoy your knitting and crochet from #KnittingGuru

    TECHknitting: Slip stitch surface decoration: Fake Latvian Braid (Applied color knitting, part 1)

    "Not too Tight" knitting tutorial on gauge. note to self: read everything on purl bee

    herringbone scarf tutorial

    tidy neckline tutorial with lots of photos

    decorative decreases

    why I have I never thought to do this? Installing zippers - bilingual Swedish and English (scroll down) - on Frog Knitting at

    How to knit - i-cord join - YouTube

    On Your Toes: A New Cast-On - The Square Toe Cast-On.

    On Your Toes: A New Cast-On - The Square Toe Cast-On.

    A trick that you can do to the last stitch of your bind off to square up that stitch and avoid the messy corner you get on your knitting edge.

    Twined Knitting - Beautiful hats made with an ancient technique - <<<elfin-hat-600-10 - Free pattern by PurlSoho - thank you so much!

    How to... do a circular cast on. (gathering the cast on stitches into a circle so you don’t have to worry about joining them to work in the round) #knitting #yarn

    Knitting Tip - Gloves

    Helix Knitting-this knitting technique demonstrates how to knit with various colours in the round on circular needles without creating a jog.Excellent for knitting socks.

    Zimmermania: steek finishing

    Zimmermania: steek finishing

    futuregirl craft blog : Mustard Gloves - Tricks For Picking Up Stitches

    cast-off very elastic and easy.

    How to repair a hole with a knit-in patch.

    Knitting a simple, clean neckline

    Cast On an odd number of stitches. Row 1: (wrong side) K1, *P1, K1* repeat * to * to end. Row 2: P1, *SL1 (purl wise), P1* repeat * to * to end. These 2 rows form the pattern.