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One does not simply leave a Marvel movie before the end of the credits - Boromir, Lord of the Rings meme

YOLO Alternatives

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do I want the Doctor? No Do I want Edward Cullen? Hell No I want my arrow shooting, poetry speaking, pointy eared Elvish Prince Charming Legolas Greenleaf. Please, I want that elves daddy- Thranduil

80 Miles per Hour! .......  LOL  From her husband: "My wife redefining thousands of years of science"

If you ever feel a little stupid, watch this and feel better. Hahahahahaaha I beg you watch this video I was laughing so hard this girl is a legit blonde. John didn't get this either.

17. That time we were all Eponine. | Community Post: 23 Times The Musical Theater Side Of Tumblr Was Not OK

17. That time we were all Eponine.

a very miserable musical.this was supposed to be a mash up of AVPM and Les Mis, but now as I look at it, it kinda describes Les Mis pretty accurately.

Quick, zoom in on that....  @Stephanie Rhyan

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Ósea... DAAAA

Glass Prisons can hold homicidal maniacs. Hannibal Lecter- Silence of the Lambs; Magneto- X-Men: The Last Stand Raoul Silva- Skyfall; John Harrison or Khan- Star Trek: Into Darkness; Stitch- Lilo & Stitch- stitch cracked me up!

When someone you don't like sits next to you @Mikaylerr_ haha, we can so relate!!;)

This is also the look I give people who sit right beside me when there are plenty of other empty seats in the room.

Die sind aber nie so gut gelaunt, wie Du. | 26 Bilder, die wirklich nur Krankenschwestern raffen

26 Bilder, die wirklich nur Krankenschwestern raffen

"My friend was an infantry marine, now he is a nurse." -Their group picture is HILARIOUS - Young Conservatives

Final count: 42                                                       …

Top 30 Funny Friendship quotes of the Month

Bro, don't touch the suit - Meme Bild - Webfail

Neil Patrick Harris and President Obama. Don't touch the suit.