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*le dead* <<< i love the fact that out fandom has gotten to a point where we find getting arrested extremely attractive.

Awww, Harry, I feel the same way 2. Why do people do those things. Four people hate me at school, and I have no idea why. I barely talk to them. It is kind of funny though, that they hate me, when they don't even know me. That is just sad.

i cry everytime i see this part of A Year In The Making. How can anyone be so cruel.this is so sad I was in tears while watching this! He is so sweet to us Directioners too!

harry's glasses. better every day.

Liam and Harry switched jackets for the “Big Time Movie” premiere because the jacket was too small for Liam.

Harry Styles ❥

I love you harry Edward styles! Your hair is perfect long or short!❤️ from Shilpa!

Harry: "Jessica, will you accept this rose?" Me: "of course Harry"