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I played when I was little but begged my mom to let me quit. She said I'd regret it...she was right. :(


Irish Music for Guitar

(Music Sales America). Enjoy the stunning evocative melodies of the rich Irish tradition with this special set of classical guitar solos, featuring many traditional harp melodies and dance tunes. The

My Bucket List: Learn how to draw. Check! I'm partially self-taught, but I took lots of lessons with different types of media to get me here so far. And I'm still learning! Life Tip: With anything, we all have to start from somewhere. I didn't get a Di Vinci once I took Art seriously. If you want or need a skill, besides lessons and self-study, practice makes perfect. *Salutes.* Via PerfectBucketList on Tumblr. ☑ #someday #bucket #list #bucketlist #art #illustration #life #tip

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10 Awesome Tree Houses You Can Stay In

Ok One thing I have already done on my bucketlist!!!! Yayayayayaya yayayayayaya!!!!!