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    • Freddy J

      I totally like when this happens. It reminds me of people I love and good times too. Only problem is that I don't smell those scents too often unless I'm with them. Lol

    • Katherine Yakoski

      When I smell dove soap and fresh laundry I am instantly reminded of my Grandmother...instant peace:) what scent memories do you have?

    • Ashley Tully

      Like my Grandma's typical old lady perfume. I use to not like it but now I miss it! The smell of fresh cut grass reminds me of sunny summer mornings watching this one car show on the Speed channel with my dad before I went to church. That probably sounds silly but I love that memory. =P Gosh there are so many more....

    • Amanda Wallbank

      I love to get a new lotion or perfume before going on a vacation. I wear it everyday on the trip so that whenever I smell that scent, it reminds me of great memories! <3

    • Felicia Diane Hinkle Froemming

      Like the time I passed a lady in the aisle @ Publix and she smelled the way my mom used to. I just stood in the middle of the aisle and balled my eyes out and thanked her for such a great memory! She probably thought I was a "Wacky LuLu" but I could've cared less!!!

    • Brooke Wilkison

      I smell Raptor every time I'm in reminds me of the good ole Bocage days! @Holly Ryan. Miss u! Hope all is well with u and your hubby!

    • Kim Holland

      One of my favorite things:)

    • Kathy Stankevich- Quinn

      life quotes / scent

    • Jewel Wilson

      The little things

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    the little things

    And remembering all of the lyrics like a boss!

    the little things :)

    When my grandparents were alive, and I was about 6 -10 yrs old they would come for a 6wk visit to Canada from the UK - I would go into their room about 6:30/7am, and my grandmother would tell me stories about the war and how they lived. She could remember all of their ration card numbers, what everything cost - I will treasure those stories forever.

    because you matter

    Just Little Things

    Things that make me feel good....

    616. From a blog about the little things to appreciate. I'm really lucky that I get to appreciate this one a lot. Thank goodness for being surrounded by loving, affirming people.

    this is so true about me, I love to be able to laugh so hard that It hurts and I start crying. Now that's intense.

    People need to stop caring about those who do not like you. Who cares if they say bad things about you. Seriously, only care about what your loved ones say. That is all that matters! Oh yeah and it makes you happier.

    Some birds just aren't meant to be caged...

    Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.

    Love Me Some Jesus | Southern Letterpress Print - Old Try - ´X°

    so true! best feeling in the world. cant wait to rap all the songs today for my kids :)

    The best hugs.... ... Uploaded with Pinterest Android app. Get it here:

    bringin back those memories, even if those people in the photo arent in your life anymore.

    just little things - wearing new clothes

    I have so many dear and precious memories of you Daddy. Sometimes I can't contain them all and the they escape from my eyes one by one until they become a puddle on the floor...but that's OK Daddy, because I have just as many more.....I have so much to remember!

    I don't know why but I like this

    .....those friends are the best!!! You know who you are:)