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Thats so funny would be hilarious for April fools

Disturbing 1) Get your child to squash up against a window 2) Take photo 3) Set as phone background 4) Child is 'stuck in' phone (Need to do this with my friends! )


5 April Fools Day Recipes For Disaster: WHY?? why did i not see this before April 1st? so freaking funny and creative!

Will someone please do this with me?

Like, seriously, everything. | 19 April Fool's Day Pranks You Can Easily Make Yourself

Funny pranks

28 High School Senior Pranks That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

haha this awesome

groan haha




How to Increase Tips

33 safe and funny april fools day pranks

pranking cabin 6

XD so doing this

Good Prank

Good Prank