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Pretty deep thought.. never thought of it this way. I like it. We need to be sure we are that person in someone's life as well.

it has been said that time heals all wounds, i do not agree. the wounds remain. in time, the mind protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue, and the pain lessens, but is never gone. ~rose kennedy #quotes

when i first heard this quote about 8 years ago ... i always thought it would never happen. and then it did. and it's amazing how things change. where your life takes you. it was all worth while for my true love <3

Be kind to unkind people; they need it most. So true, whether you are the role model or the person who gives them that extra boost of confidence they need to make a positive change.

Don't worry about other people's opinions of you. God never told you to impress people; only to love them. - Dave Willis

Love Audrey quotes

Show respect even to people who don't deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours.

Sleepover!!! So true!!! I love waking up next to my best friend every morning!! Some mornings are better than others but.... He is my rock!!

Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing. Family quote, quotes about family #family #familylife #familyquotes #inspiration #kids #kidsquotes #spice4life