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Bill Cullen

A music party game with unlimited possibilities, you can make your Name That Tune game as broad or specific as you want. Give each player a pen and a.

The Newlywed Game 1970's TV Show..... Where the term "Make Whoopie" became the norm for "Have Sex"!

The Newlywed Game -Bob Eubanks - host - Before "reality shows," I think was Bob was the first host of the "Newlywed Game" which provided family entertainment for many in the with various hosts. Dumb answers to dumb questions, but it had it's moments.

Muppet Show var ofte å se på TV på 70 og 80-tallet. Husker du dem ?

Sunday nights: It's the Muppet Show Tonight! After playing outside all day, would get into a hot shower or bath and emerge all cold and ready to watch the Muppet Show with the cranky guys in the box seat and Animal (my

Another favorite game show of mine was Pyramid! It is a television game show which has aired several versions. The original series, The $10,000 Pyramid, debuted March 26, 1973. Dick Clark is the host most commonly associated with the show, having hosted most incarnations of it from 1973–1988. The 10,000 Pyramid show hosted by Dick Clark is the one I remember most...it first  came on TV while I was in high school.

Another favorite game show of mine was Pyramid! It is a television game show…

80s TV Cartoons | 80s TV Shows "Hey boss, de plane, de plane!" "Welcome to Fantasy ...

"De plane boss, de plane" - Fantasy Island came on after the Love Boat!

The Twilight Zone / My Dad and I used to love to watch this together.

The Twilight Zone - was a pioneer of the science fiction genre. In addition, it was a social commentary. Its creator, Rod Serling, used the science fiction aspect of it in order to express controversial ideas and explore progressive topics.

the jokers wild

The Joker's Wild Game Show.I remember watching this with my grandpa after school!

Music Theme birthday

Music Themed 1st Birthday Party