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Craig Biggio and family celebrate 3,000th hit

Craig Biggio and family celebrate 3,000th hit

USHERThis painting of the R&B singer looms over the upstairs loft of his Atlanta-area home. MACY GRAY Artist Noriyoshi Kudo created this outdoor fountain sculpture for the singer.

I'm a disabled Army veteran and survivor making a difference one day at a time. Shop to support my cause. Thank You!

greenish/blue eyes are just ahhh.

This is incredibly eye opening and explains almost every health issue most Americans face every day.

Delicious Berry Green SuperFood Powder

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will essaytyper Fear in itself is not a bad thing, it can be lifesaving and a healthy dose allows us to live relatively safe lives. But sometimes our fears can get out of control.

Sneak peek of Amy Adams as artist Margaret Keane in Tim Burton's upcoming movie, 'Big Eyes'. Photo: Leah Gallo, The Weinstein Company, via USA Today:

Sneak peek: Adams, Waltz unmask lie behind 'Big Eyes'

Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes” tells the story of the artist Margaret Keane, whose husband, Walter Keane, took credit for her work in the

One a day keeps the psyche doc away

Sargasm: when the urge to make a sarcastic reply is so overwhelming you can only roll your eyes and grunt incoherently.

At Hair Plus when Donna wasn't there. I will NEVER forget that moment. Crystal I will always be in love with you

Falling in love quote > unexpected feelings. Beautiful truth - "I remember the first day I ever looked into your eyes and felt my entire world flip".

There is a disconnect in expectations between work world and church world. Jon calls it out here. -DD

Dear Church, 11 signs you’re burning out your staff. - Stuff Christians Like

The AMA's were amazing! louis' face in the second one though! and why is zayn looking in the opposite direction in a few?

One Direction at the AMAs ❤️so proud of these boys and couldn't be happier for them! Thanks boys for everything! please tell the boys I love them if you get this please!

Fair skin, blond hair, blue eyes, natural, peachy blush wedding make-up.

Laura Mercier 'Second Skin' Cheek Color. I will definately try this lovely and feminine everyday makeup

The Voynich Manuscript. Wonder if anyone will ever crack what the manuscript is depicting. Interesting stuff.

The Voynich Manuscript, The World’s Most Mysterious Book

Mexico, Penalize animal abuse in the (whole) State of Mexico! In 20 states nationwide animal abuse is still not considered a crime!

This is a great photo!! .. is it blasphemous to pin things from tumblr because you dont want to reblog them?? Doing it anyways!

Be still, my heart.

Whenever you're having a bad day, look at this photo of Benedict and.I looked in his eyes for too long and lost my train.

One of my kids needs to have curls... I sooooo want a curly haired baby one day!

Top baby names 2014 – The Most Popular Names of the year revealed

Cutest little girl! those curls, those eyes, that face, too sweet

If you are vintage style maniac, than we have something interesting for you. We found awesome vintage sinks that will inspire you to have one at home. Just

25 Amazing Vintage Sink Designs

Paired with zesty potato wedges, this easy beer-battered cod recipe has us longing for summer. Fish and chips, anyone?

I thought I'd never even get past the picture to read the article, but then I did, and I'm even more in love. *swoon* Kit Harington on Game of Thrones Nudity and His Butt Double

Kit Harington on Game of Thrones Nudity and His Butt Double

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Novocain in the eye = weird.

#07072014 It's gone! It's gone.  Novocain in the eye = weird.