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Buy a deck of cards and a Post-It notepad, and then write 52 reasons (one reason for each Post-It note) why you love your significant other. You’ll end up with a deck of cards that contain 52 reasons to make your date’s heart jump.

Want to make this

Sometimes the best gift you can give for Valentines Day is just letting that special someone know that they are loved. hang in master bedroom


14 Days of Love

14 days of LOVE treats! Such a cute idea! Instead of doing this just for Valentine's Day, how about every of the month is a special "I REALLY love you' day? Bonus: my husband loves gummy bears! This treat in particular is perfect!

SO CUTE. i shall do this.

Boyfriends gift :) oh my god freakin' adorable! I would still do gummy worms but add a gift card for sushi to the swedish fish. My man loves some sushi! :D

Cheap and so cute for valentines day.

52 things i love about you! customized deck of cards, each card hand written with what i love about you. cheap but also so thoughtful, love handmade gifts.

Valentines Day idea for the Spirit Chair to hand out at Chapter Meeting!

School Valentine Idea: "Of all the schools in the sea, I'm glad you're swimming with me!" Goldfish crackers or Swedish Fish!

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donut you know i love you a whole bunch?…free printable…easy, last minute valentine donut you know i love you a whole bunch?…free printable…easy, last minute valentine was last modified: February…

Valentines day- REALLY REALLY CUTE. five senses-- taste: yummy chocolates or something; sight: photos or drawings? i guess maybe. touch: lotions and soft/squishy things; smell: candles, hand sanitiser, and/or bath bombs!