This is a neat idea! Convert Your Large Pots into a stunning 2-level display on your patio, poolside, porch or deck.

Planting with Basket Column and Planter by Pamela Crawford

Pamela Crawford's Side Planting Container Gardens I do this, and the results are spectacular ~ jan

Basket column planter - instant height

Get the height without a huge pot - use plastic pots and large pvc pipe cut into sections

How to Build a Flower Tower {DIY}. Via Decor and the Dog.

This is beautiful!


These creative ostrich plant holders are designed to showcase flowers artfully, as the contents of the round basket you include mimic an ostrich's plumes.

Cool and Unique DIY Garden Globes • Lots of great ideas & tutorials!

Flower Potting Ideas

The secret ingredient to planters that flourish all summer long. Trying this!

"Clematis" - my neighbor had these growing about her fence, the large dark purple flowers are stunning.

Care and Pruning of Clematis- good info and instructions

Rock Cress - Excellent evergreen ground cover, producing cushions of pretty purple-blue flowers. It can be planted along the edge of a bed or lawn, or in the rockery, but is also very effective in a hanging basket displaying a profusion of colour.

tip for watering hanging baskets

Colored glass Instead of gravel in the garden or can get these at the dollar store.

Container gardening is great for patios and small spaces. The key is to properly prepare the container. #gardening #container #pots

Self-Watering Railing Planter

Petunia and Bidens Champagne and Gold Cocktail Mix - Patio Plants - Van Meuwen