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Everywhere she looked, she could see graves; her heart no longer broke at the thought of who the bodies had been once when she would come across remains. Though she still valued life, she no longer cried for the dead she had not known. There was no point in wasting tears on them.


Sept 21, 2001 ~ Deutsche Bank Building, Liberty Street, severely damaged in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. This building was originally known as 1 BT Plaza when it opened in the 1970's as the headquarters of the Bankers Trust Company.

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"HEY!" I yell climbing over the fence you so effortlessly jumped over. I land on the ground nor to gracefully and cock my gun. I take a deep breath keeping you in my sight as you try to escape me in the dark woods.((I'm an agent, chasing an elemental))

A young girl sees a homeless man on her house sleeping. Her parents were unaware that she placed a blanket on him while he rested and almost hurt herself in the process. When he wakes he sits on their sidewalk. She sits next to him and asks what his name is and why he was living on her house. He said that he was attracted to her piano music.

Close call, Miles! #Revolution

Seize The Moment, Parkour Photographs by Andy Day |

The Meadowside Granary, Glasgow, Scotland. © Martin Hunter 2012, all rights reserved.

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Olaudah and Misako always have the others back. #theExile

This images uses lines as points within the image. There is many focal points, beginning with the mid section on the ground and you move to the vanishing point and then to the lights on the roof which join up, creating horizontal lines through your movement. This images uses emphasis on the vanishing point and leaves the viewer wonder is what at the end.

I reached my hand threw the broken window i could feel the glass going into my skin but all i cared about was getting the door open and getting out of this orphanage

#642. Csaba Bánáti, Hungarian CG artist, made this amazing visualization. He said: "I grew up between these blocks and when i was a kid there was this notorious daring game. I’ve never jumped..."