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Unicorn dress up costume! @Paige Penning for some reason this made me think of you :)

"Honey, go stand behind that snowman." "Why?" "so that we can take a picture." "Ok. Let me grab a bouquet and a veil. It'll be like our wedding picture!"

the truth behind all those cutesy parenting pictures.

Fantasy squirrelicorn shoes. Maybe "kick your attacker in the nuts" shoes got taken a tad too literally here, and they decided to COLLECT nuts too!

This vandalism wants to know if you have a minute to talk about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

YES!!!!!! I say that allllll the time and watching it just makes me so mad....oooo....I won't do it, but I could spit nails.

Reinopin: Jesus creating the dinosaurs : Monty Propps / this one goes to Father Guido Sarducci

Wednesday Night is Wine Lovers Wednesday. Ladies, $15 all you care to drink from a long list of premier wines! #WW #tampa #wine

because, it could happen (past tense) Jesus and his pet dinosaur

Bless the baby dinosaurs. If you think about it, it must have been pretty scary for all of these creatures back then..

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Jesus. If Jesus loves me, why hasn't he called?

You messed up big time. Better thrown in some expensive jewelry too slick!