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from Country Living

Be Charmed by This Handcrafted California Farmhouse and Garden

Gophers and other critters ruining your veggies? Plant them in galvanized troughs! #gardening

from Weed 'em & Reap

12 Raised Garden Bed Tutorials

If I can clean out the weeds then the vege patch could look like this

from The Kitchn

Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil — Tips from

Freeze herbs while they are fresh - put chopped herbs into ice tray and add olive oil before freezing. Then put into freezer bags and label for later use.

This is a great DIY for starting a container veggie garden. Explains everything! Metal trough used as container for vegetable garden - cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs and more. Foodie Gardener blog

from Southern Living

Organic Chef's Garden

I like the trough and barell idea

from Crafty Coin

How to Roast Any Vegetable

How to Roast Any Vegetable + Combination Ideas | Crafty Coin

from Simply Frugal

Creative Gardening – Plant Strawberry Plants in Cinder Blocks

Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks to edge a garden. This helps keep the strawberries off the ground and the warmth of the blocks helps them grow.