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God Bless America


Army soldier at an isolated firebase in a distant foreign desert country salutes United States of America flag at half mast to honor veterans who have died in service of country for Memorial Day

God Bless

10 Pictures Proving Our Freedom Wasn’t and Isn’t Free

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heroes jumping

Marine Corps Military Free Fall Instructors assigned to Marine Detachment — Fort Bragg, release the ashes of Sgt. Brett Jaffe a Marine rigger, above Phillips Drop Zone at Yuma Proving Grounds, Ariz., on July

Our Flag represents many different things.  It is the symbol of freedom and has seen many lay down their life in preservation there of.  It deserves the utmost respect from anyone who claims America as home.  It is a reminder to those that threaten our soils, that we are a nation founded on war. "This We'll Defend"

The flag is constant reminder of what unifies our country and symbolizes our freedom. It provides hope for many and represents sacrifice to others. To me, the red, white, and blue reminds me that I am proud to be an American!

Stars and stripes forever

I truly love our American flag, how it looks the design of it, the stars and stripes the colors and their meaning. I think our USA flag is BEAUTIFUL, and I am so proud to fly it and stand behind it to protect it and it's people.

Our soldiers aren't recognized enough!

Isn't it time? This is a true hero - people need to quit defining sports & celebrities as heroes!

For all of those who have game some and those who gave all

The word Hero is very overused in this country. We do, however, know who the real heroes are.God bless our troops

Merica  - Can not wait to join the family only 8 more months and I'll be on that plan. My honor to serve.

God bless all Military Families. Arts & Lectures Program - "Taking Chance" screening & SJCC Veterans honoring ceremony. <<means a lot my father is in the military

What more can you say?

Operation Gratitude God bless each one that has put their lives on the line and never allow our country to forget our Freedom isn't Free!

real HEROES don't wear capes

Heroes don't wear capes, they wear dog tags, quote, military service,

Thank you, Bobby  for your sacrifice + service! Abba Yahuah + Yahshua forever Baruch you + yours!!! (Your Heavenly Father and His Son Eternally Bless you!!)

Bobby Henline the Well-Done Comedian. On April tragedy struck when Bobby's Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb just north of Bagdad. Of five men in the vehicle, Bobby was the only survivor. Bobby believes that God kept him alive for a reason.

Worth a million words ♥ GOD keep this little boys daddy safe, strength to hold on to, and keep this daddy in your loving arms oh god, so the son can once again hold on to his daddy . amen!!

This is so sad, telling his Daddy goodbye! Thank You to every Man and Woman serving in our military to serve and protect the ones we love.

thank you!

go knowing that this Grateful American supports you and worries about you.

Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, a Patriot from Texas and author of the outstanding book, "American Sniper," was killed Saturday while assisting fellow veterans suffering from PTSD. As a defender of Liberty and the Second Amendment, he will be missed.

Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, deadliest sniper in U. This man is the definition of a true American hero. God Bless the troops. The subject of the movie "American Sniper.


He fought for your freedom and you pay him back by burning the flag. 😒😬honestly that is digesting if you don't like the flag then LEAVE it doesn't symbolize anything other than you are a whiny bitch who doesn't respect this beautiful country 🇱🇷