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    for my ER nurse friends :)

    Itchy butthole

    Lol. And especially don't ask for anti nausea medicine and food in the same sentence

    Mom always said, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. And some people wonder why I'm so quiet around them.


    "You flipped the bitch switch, so buckle up and enjoy the ride asshole."


    Demanding patients...those bastards!!

    Should be posted outside every emergency room in the U.S.! Along with : 'I've been sick for three weeks, but had to show up at 4:30pm Friday afternoon' ; 'I got a risen on my _____ that is jes killin me' or any of the other really stupid reasons people come in. I bet if they had to pay only $5 they'd NEVER darken the door!

    I Don't Like You Pouch


    Can I post this at work??!

    Thank you for making me so angry that every time I open my mouth it appears that I have Tourette's Syndrome.

    Sorry you're still having problems. However, it usually helps if you get your medications filled and take them regularly.

    True Story.

    Hand me a brick...

    The hardest part of my job is that people want me to answer questions and know things at 7am.

    Haha, so true!

    Bahahaha @Brittany Horton Horton Collins

    but seriously though... :)

    Oh so very true...