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    A list of books for teaching specific concepts, such as plot.

    Over 60 Teacher Suggestions for Books to Read Aloud for Grades 3-5

    List of picture books to teach comprehension strategies

    list of picture books that work for teaching specific comprehension strategies

    The Night I Followed the Dog- Great book to teach Main Idea & Supporting Details, as well as Sequencing Events! (link includes lesson plan)

    List of books to use with different strategies you are teaching. Includes Lucy Calkins

    A good mentor text for inferring character traits.

    A cute cause and effect it first, then ask students to write their own cause and effect book.

    This teacher has created a long list of cartoon Pixar (and other) shorts to be used to teach reading strategies. She also has graphic organizers to go with them.

    My Adventures Teaching (blog) : Teaching plot sequence... Interactive Notebook

    It's one thing to teach concepts like characters, setting, and plot. Most kids get these without too much trouble, but it's another thing to teach your kids to find the theme of a piece of literature. This higher level thinking, much more abstract reading skill, is one that has to...

    Lists of books that work well for modeling each comprehension strategy:)

    Amazing website... it gives specific books for whatever strategy you are teaching!

    Great idea for expanding sentences!!Teaching My Friends!: Crafting Power Sentences

    Use picture books to teach plot: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution

    Dr. Suess books, listed by reading levels

    Book list for the boys, categorized by ages

    Read this book without showing the pictures and have the students draw the monsters using inference and mental images

    what a great anchor chart for when I am teaching about genres and text features

    The Teaching Thief: Favorite Picture Books for Teaching Comprehension

    Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme- Anchor chart and activity