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  • shannon mcgowan

    science doesn’t really give a shit about your beliefs >> truth.

  • Lauren Degenaars

    laughed out loud.

  • Lauren Becker

    Science rules!

  • Scooter Werth

    love, religion, atheism, free thought, science, funny, true, god, christian, critical thinking, home school, politics, evolution, agnostic, church, 9/11, love, humanism, secularism, quotes, wedding, marriage, religious, diy, printables, education, school, cult, skeptic, hate, liberal, conservative, bible, god, bible, prayer, children, family, belief, jesus, sex, faith, morality, abortion, sin, agnostic, santa, christmas, jesus, easter, gay, lgbt, homosexual, doctor, medicine, reason, faith

  • Kevin Shaver

    True story.

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