How to easily paint around a toilet.

Long reach paint pad keeps tight spots neat. If you have a tight spot to paint, remove the pad from a paint edging tool (about $2 at home centers). Hot-glue the pad to a stir stick, and you've got a painting tool that will fit behind toilet tanks and radiators.

Great tips on painting a room quick and easy!! LOVE this!

This is how you are supposed to paint a room. (10 tips for a perfect paint job)

Wish I knew these tips BEFORE we painted our entire house! Just read these, they are quick fast easy things that will make painting a little...

Painting behind the toilet. This saved my LIFE this week. @Kellie Dyne Milton I know you'll have at least one toilet soon.

Great tip for painting...

Painting a frame? Use a box to place it in and spray paint outside.

Easy Way to Spray Paint Drawers...wish I had thought of this for my first bureau project.

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12 SUPER USEFUL Painting Tips & Tricks

One easy trick to remove painting mistakes after they've dried without scraping!

* Maria's Self *: DIY Toilet Bombs - Deodorize & Kill Bacteria! Just Drop Them in the Bowl;-)))

A veteran painting contractor shares his secrets for painting walls fast, yet producing first-rate results. You can easily master these techniques too, and get a professional-looking finish.

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10 Interior House Painting Tips & Painting Techniques for the Perfect Paint Job. Here are 10 tips to make your painting projects go smoother and faster while giving you a professional-looking finish that you'll be proud of. You'll also find ingenious tips that can cut your cleanup time in half and extend the life of your paint brushes.


I love easy!