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    yes yes yes and yes.

    • Elizabeth Baxley

      mulan! The funny thing is, I was in this and played a soldier!!! As well as a hair dresser, a wave, snow, a towns person , a girl waiting for the match maker, etc.,etc.

    • DiDi Berkley

      I know practically all the songs from every single big Disney movie. I quote Disney movies all the time even if no one gets them. I text half of a song to people in hopes they will text back the rest of it. And yes, I will have this song stuck in my head for another two weeks, but now, so will you!

    • Courtney Lynn

      To quote my boyfriend, "This is like the manliest Disney song there is. No one can judge you for being a man and singing this."

    • Genelle Burgan

      Is this a Mulan quote? I know it's a Disney movie but I can't place it. Someone help me!

    • claudia b.

      Hahahahaha .... Mulan . You would only understand if you are a disney movie watcher

    • Shandy Porter

      That's right boys a lot can be learned from Disney movies :) -Mulan

    • Hannah Osborn

      Laughed so hard at this. Love old Disney movies!

    • Megan DeBusk

      FACT. Funny Disney Mulan humor. How to be a man.

    • Karigan Kreider

      mulan :D even though the other stuff is true

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    When In Doubt Mumble from 55 Hi's.

    perfect has 7 letters so does foooood. coincidence? i think not – Shirtoopia

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