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The Military Spouse Residency Relief Act provides protections to military spouses with regards to voting, taxation and property rights.

Military Wife :)

You know you are a Military Veteran when you find yourself still implementing the Military Phonetic Alphabet years after retiring/separating

10 Things I Learned From My Military Brats (can't wait to raise my own military brats one day lol)

Things I Learned From My Military Brats" Brats are so often ignored or just assumed to be a part of the "military family." They are an amazing group of people with a lot to offer.

Share Tweet Pin Mail   We all know that being married to a service member isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows all the time. Between ...

25 Reasons Being a Military Spouse is Awesome

25 Reasons Being a Military Spouse is Awesome - The Military Wife Life though lezzbe honest

For @Stephanie Gard & @Jordyn White,because you are what holds it all together and never let's them see you shatter.  the strongest, most faithful women i've been so blessed to have in my life.  Love you Both! <3 <3

This prayer was given to me at the first unit we were in when we were newly married. I have carried it to each new home. I don't think there is a day that one of these lines has not been my prayer.

Wife Life.

navy wife- (with 5 kids, I NEVER wait alone!


Well actually I love MY bootcamp graduation photo. but alas most Navy stuff on here is for spouses, but you get the idea

When you hang out with Sailors, things tend to get a little explosive. Go behind-the-scenes of our latest commercial shoot. #americasnavy #usnavy navy.com

Go behind the scenes of our latest commercial shoot, Creed.