It does .. I've always loved yellow and the scent of lemon so refreshing it brings a smile to my face ! Wa- hooooo !


All I really want is to be part of the light that shines over the's an everyday choice

Inside jobs


I agree! And it has absolutely nothing to do with what school I attend or what team is playing football. Unless, of course, your blood runs orange. Go Vols!!!

hello sunshine


Psalm 34:4

Keep on the sunny side

Makes me think of my grandmother, she used to sing this to me all of the time. yellow. sunshine. happy. love.....Didn't want to erase the other person's happy thought. Another happy thought: my hubby sings this song to me!


Start now:)

your smile

❥ Thank you, Jesus

True story.

You are my sunshine! Not a happy song overall, but then again, so one sings anything but the chorus.

"Happy Drop vol. 2" by Janne Tuominen, via 500px.


.............knowing that no matter how broken you may feel you will always mean everything to the ONE who loves you!